Nursing Assistant

The CACTUS WREN TRAINING PROGRAM for Certified Nursing Assistants is a 120-hour course providing the CNA student, knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of elderly nursing home residents, ultimately leading to improvements in patient care and worker satisfaction.

Schedule for Nurse Assistant Classes

This nursing assistant training program curriculum, which was developed by the Nursing Assistant Advisory Committee and approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, incorporates Article 8 Certified Nursing Assistants rules implemented, and meets the requirements of R4-19-802 (b)(4) and R4-19-802(C)(1) through (C)(14).  It is divided into 18 competencies, each of which includes learning objectives, vocabulary and suggested content.

The 120-hour curriculum consists of at least 60 hours of classroom instruction, 20 hours of clinical laboratory, and 40 hours of instructor-supervised, clinical instruction that satisfies the requirements of R4-19-801(D)(2), caring for long-term care facility residents.  

The program is designed to meet applicable Federal and State of Arizona requirements and prepare students to successfully complete a competency evaluation program.

Upon satisfactory completion of this Certified Nursing Assistant course, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion that contains the following:

a. The name and classroom location of the program;
b. The number of classroom and clinical hours in the program;
c. The end date of the program;
d. The program number;
e. The signature of the program coordinator, instructor,
or the supervisor of the program coordinator or instructor.

This will then pave the way for the student to take the certification exams and be eligible to receive the nurse aide certification (CNA) by the State of Arizona.

The CACTUS WREN TRAINING PROGRAM is also open to family caregivers who do not seek certification, but who are interested in learning care giving skills. Please contact us for more information

Additional Information

  • Evening Classes starts every First Monday of the Month - Class Schedule
  • Morning Classes starts every second Monday of the month
  • Classroom Hours:
  • Evening : 4-815p Monday to Friday for Six  weeks
  • Morning: 9-115p Monday to Friday for six weeks
  • Clinical Hours will be same time


  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Fingerprinting one for the School and one for the Arizona State Board of Nursing
  • No Felony charges within the last five years
  • Current CPR/First Aid Cards
  • TB Testing or Chest X ray within a year
  • Hepatitis B vaccination within a year
  • Drug Testing
  • Cost: Call for Pricing
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